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How to Use Business Cards from Label Supply Hut

Printable Business Cards - A Versatile Template for Marketing
Follow these tips to ensure you make an impression on a potential customer: 

  • Use colors, fonts and themes that represent your company that are used consistently throughout the branding of your business or organization.
  • Use both sides of the card:the front to display your logo and the back to display information about your products and services
  • Include social media logos to cross-promote your company

Utilize business cards for loyalty cards, coupons, gift tags and much more.

Products We Recommend:
Laser/Inkjet Printable Business Cards, White
Laser/Inkjet Printable Business Cards, Ivory

Brand Your Media from Label Supply Hut

Let Us Provide You a Custom Printed USB Flash Drive Quote. 

Brand Digital Information
Always brand digital information with your company's logo: PowerPoint presentations, CDs, DVDs, and portable storage devices, such as USB Flash Drives.  You can create professional, colorful and easily identifiable labels for all of your media. 

Helpful Hints for Using CD and DVD Labels

  • Use a template for proper alignment. 
  • Use the "bleed" method to eliminate any unwanted white space on the disc
  • Take your time when applying the label to the disc. Use an alignment guide such as a CD Stomper or Applicator.
Products We Recommend:
CD and DVD Labels • CD Jewel Case

Mass Mailings Made Simple

Take the Complexity (and Time) out of Mass Mailings

  • Gather your mailing list and confirm the appropriate postage
    (Contacts in most e-mail programs can be exported to Microsoft® Excel).
  • Complete a mail merge using Microsoft® Word
  • Fan your label sheets to loosen up the sheets for easier printing
  • Remove any sheets with bent corners and/or edges
  • After you have printed your labels, fold the sheet along the edge and remove several labels at once. This saves time and effort!
  • Temporarily place the labels along the edge of a desk or table for easy application

Brand Shipments-Advice from Label Supply Hut

Brand Your Business
Small Opportunities of Branding Can Yield a Large Return Include your company's logo on address labels, shipping labels, and packaging. If your budget does not allow for custom-printed shipping containers, a Weather Resistant Shipping Label applied to a package will call branding to the shipment.

Products We Recommend:  Weather-Resistant Labels • Half Sheet Labels
These labels are perfect for printing your own shipping labels for online stores or eBay™.

Go Green and Save Green by reusing and recycling corrugate boxes for your shipments, advice from Label Supply Hut

Show Your Customers You are Environmentally-Friendly
And, did we mention this could save you on operating costs?

  • Reuse boxes from incoming shipments and apply a label over the original shipping information with a branded label of your own.
  • Use Recycled Laser/Inkjet Labels; going green does not necessarily cost more.  Label Supply Hut offers cost-effective labels that are made with 100% Post-Consumer fibers and they can be safely recycled once they are applied to a mailing envelope or corrugated shipping box.

    Products We Recommend: Weather-Resistant Labels • Recycled Labels