Format & Print Labels

Each Label Has a Use
Use the correct product for the type of printer that you have. Look for compatible label products for inkjet printers, laser printers and copy/multifunction machines. There are a number of products available on Label Supply Hut that are both laser/inkjet compatible. Using the incorrect label can damage your printer.
How to Place the Label Sheet: Inkjet Printers Face Down - Laser Printers Face Up
Templates for the Most Commonly Used Labels

Same Size as Avery® 5160™

Same Size as Avery® 5161™

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Same Size as Avery® 5163™

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Formatting Labels Using Microsoft® Word
Instructions for formatting labels may vary pending the software version.

1. Open Microsoft® Word

2. Select Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels

(In Microsoft Office 2010, click on Mailings on the main header toolbar. Navigate to the Create icon. Select the arrow down buttom and select Labels)

3. On the Labels tab, click Options

4. Select the compatible label template or product number. If using a label that is the same size as Avery® template, select Avery US Letter under Label Vendors in Microsoft Office 2010

5. Click OK > New Document

6. Run a test. Print using a plain piece of paper from the printer first. Hold this test sheet up to a sheet of the desired labels to confirm the alignment is accurrate.

Printer Maintenance Can Affect Label Printing

Here are great tips for maximizing printer capability when printing labels:

  • Calibrate the printer to your computer's color settings. Information on how to do this should be available in the owner's manual or at the manufacturer's website.
  • Clean your printer. The majority of printers now have a cleaning mode.
    This is recommended weekly for high usage to ensure crips printing.
  • Fan the label sheets before loading them into the printer to prevent them from sticking together and causing a paper jam.  
  • Avoid using label sheets with bent corners, which could also result in a paper jam.
  • Only feed the label sheet through the printer one time. The heat of the printer can change the adhesive quality of the labels if the label sheet is passed through the printer multiple times.
  • Give ample time for the ink on the labels to dry before application to avoid smudges.